Do's and Don'ts

Some of this may be humorous to you, as it should, but unfortunately we’ve had experience with every one of these items. 

Let’s start with what NOT to do.  By “NOT” I mean, never do it.  This isn’t a suggestion or something we simply have a strong opinion about. Not taking this seriously can make it so you’re one mortgage short of owning a home. 


  • Want to make a huge purchase right before buying a home or after you’re under contract on your new home?  Don’t.  Really.  Don’t go buy a car during this process.  Want to know why?  Because we said so.  Okay, really….because any monthly debt is going to change your debt-to-income ratio.  We already pre-qualified you on the debt you had at the time we took your application.  “But I’m buying a car/appliance/furniture with cash.”   Please don’t buy it without checking with me.  Pushy, we know, but if we’ve seen your asset documents, we may need those assets even if you’re not using them for down payment.  Sorry for being pushy. 
  • Don’t quit your day job.  You read that right.  Planning on leaving your job?  If we need your income to qualify you, and you no longer have income, we can’t give you a loan.  “But I’m going to get a job soon.”  Shocking, we’ve heard that one.  “But I have a bunch of money in savings.”  We think that is fantastic (and for that you get a gold star on your chart), but income is often necessary when closing on a loan.
  • No secrets.  If you own other properties or land, we need to know about it.  We’ll find out anyway, so let’s just be open with one another. Getting a nice big monetary gift?  We need to know about that too.  


  • Be awesome.  That’s it, that’s all you have to do.  In return, We too will be awesome.  The way our awesomeness displays itself?  By anticipating your questions before you ask them.  The way you will be awesome?  By getting us what we need and telling us if your experience is less than perfect.  If we need something, it isn’t because we're trying to upset you.  It’s because underwriting guidelines are becoming more and more strict.  Direct, we know.  But our goal is to get you in your home, on time, without stress during the process.